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Dharmapālarakṣita was the ninth Sakya Tridzin, on the throne 1281 to 1287. He also spent five years at the Imperial Palace in China, serving as the Imperial Preceptor of the Yuan Emperor Khubilai. He died on his return journey from China at the young age of twenty.

Rinchen Gyeltsen

b.1238 - d.1279
TBRC P1072

Rinchen Gyeltsen, the eighth Sakya Tridzin, was the brother of Pakpa Lodro Gyeltsen. He held the throne from 1267 to 1275, while his brother was in Beijing. Prior to becoming Sakya Tridzin he served as chaplain to the Yuan Emperor Khubilai, and after his brother returned to Sakya he occupied the office of Imperial Preceptor.

Zangpo Pel

b.1262 - d.1324
TBRC P1877

The Eleventh Sakya Tridzin, Zangpo Pel, on the throne from 1298 to 1324. Initially a resident in the court of Khubilai, he was banished for an unknown reason and rehabilitated only when his tenuous membership to the Khon clan was required for the continuity of the line following the death of the Ninth Sakya Tridzin. Zangpo Pel had fifteen children, several of whom served in high office at Sakya and Beijing. His heirs divided Sakya into the four labrang, or dynastic houses: Zhitok, Lhakhang, Rinchen Gang, and Ducho.

Kunga Wangchuk

b.1418 - d.1462
TBRC P1041

Kunga Wangchuk, the Nineteenth Sakya Tridzin, was the son of the Seventeenth Sakya Tridzin, Lodro Gyeltsen. He occupied the throne from 1442 to 1462.

Namkha Lekpai Gyeltsen was the Twelfth Sakya Tridzin, a position he held for nineteen years, from 1324 to 1343. He was the third son of the Eleventh Sakya Tridzin, Zangpo Pel.